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Natural Treatment For Keratosis

April 11, 2012

Keratosis usually appears as warty growths on the skin. It can come up in different colors; it can be red, pink, or brown in color. The skin condition normally has a scaly look. It is almost always dry, crusty and rough in appearance.  A times, the keratosis can have itchy effect on the skin. Scratching [...]

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Skin Keratosis Removal

April 8, 2012

Keratosis is a very common skin condition out there. The number of Americans bearing the skin condition around the place is on the increase. Every part of the world also bears witness to this skin condition.  No one can say categorically what is responsible for this skin condition. It can affect both males and females. [...]

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Senile Keratoses

December 28, 2011

If you begin to see a spot on your skin that looks rather rough, what you are looking at may as well be senile keratosis. This particular skin condition can also be referred to as solar keratosis. It got this name from the fact that it can be gotten when the skin is excessively exposed [...]

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Problems Caused By Keratosis

July 27, 2011

As much as it is not a disease, Keratosis can be quite a nuisance. It is generally regarded as a risk free skin disorder though it consists of small bumps on the surface of the skin. Keratosis can be hectic to handle as it is difficult to treat but this does not mean it is [...]

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