treating keratosis

Natural Cures For Keratosis

March 21, 2012

One of the most common skin conditions is keratosis. Many people all over the world suffer from one form of keratosis at some point in their lives. Most people think that keratosis eventually develops into cancer. This is far from the truth since keratosis develops into cancer only for a handful of patients. More specifically, [...]

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Basic Steps In Removing Keratosis

February 22, 2012

Keratosis is a form of skin disorder that normally characterized by severe skin pigmentation problems. One of the ways through which the skin counteracts the damaging effect of the sun rays is through the production of more melanin. Skin pigmentation spots arises from the excessive melanin production and when the skin has been badly damaged, [...]

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Keratosis On Light And Dark Skin

August 10, 2011

Keratosis On Light And Dark Skin Is ethnic skin a myth or a fact? Whether ethnic skin is a myth or a fact it should not be assumed that those with darker skin should not be concerned of skin infections, ethnic skin has sun block mechanism against sun’s rays that can kill the cells however [...]

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Keratosis – Removal Through Surgery

July 20, 2011

Keratosis – Removal Through Surgery People are naturally concerned with their looks. In fact, they will do anything just for the sake of being beautiful. Women are especially concerned with this matter, but some men are also into it. But, skin problem excuses no one. The fact is that only a few are aware of [...]

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Keratosis Removal Do’s & Dont’s

May 12, 2011

Many people suffer from the skin condition keratosis. Usually, only a few consider treatment seriously and many simply ignore it. Granted, some of these conditions are not very serious and disappear by themselves over time. For serious cases though, it requires immediate action. Consider keratosis. This occurs because of the keratin accumulation in your skin [...]

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How To Increase Collagen After Keratosis Removal

December 28, 2010

Keratosis infection no doubt weakens the structure of the skin especially with the weakening or breakdown of the supporting collagen materials. Aside keratosis and some other skin disorders that can damage collagen in the skin, the internal processes of the skin can also result in the depletion of collagen , hence you will need some [...]

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Keratosis Treatment | Beware Of Liquid Nitrogen

July 29, 2010

The use of cryogens or cryotherapy, curettage, laser therapy, electrocautery or surgical excision all aid in treating keratoses – the first being the most popular keratosis removal method. Studies reported that it is the second-most common procedure next to surgical procedures such as skin excision and it can easily be performed in the doctor’s office. [...]

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